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Montana Kosher - Vaad HaKashrus of Montana

Founded in 2010, the Vaad HaKashrus of Montana, also known as Montana Kosher, is a community service organization whose mission is the maintenance of a high level of Kosher supervision. The word “Vaad” in Hebrew means association. It is composed of Rabbinic leaders providing kosher certification, supervision, and inspection for food production companies in the Treasure State.

The Vaad's standards are equal to, or exceed, those set for the Kosher world by the other leading kosher certification agencies. Because we are local, our supervision provides several benefits to local companies: 1) Cost is minimized, since all the rabbis are local. 2) Communication is easy and on a moment’s notice, rabbis can be available. 3) Familiarity with the territory is assured, both in terms of geography, but economically as well.

Currently Under Our Supervision

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Shatnaz Inspection

Montana’s Jewish community is blessed to have a trained and reliable Shatnez tester. Rabbi Amram Phelps, who resides in Bozeman, is certified by The International Association of Professional Shatnez Testers in Lakewood, New Jersey and is a trustworthy Bodek (tester) for Shatnez. For more info. please call (406) 219-3787 or email

Neshama Gardens Cemetery

As Chabad communities continue to expand around Montana, so does the need to accommodate all aspects of traditional Jewish life. In 2021 Chabad Lubavitch of Montana acquired the “Neshama Gardens”, a Jewish Cemetery in Sunset Memorial Gardens in Bozeman, for the benefit of the Jewish residents of Montana. This cemetery is to be used for all Jews of our community, the affiliated and non-affiliated alike, guided strictly by the Seattle Vaad, the Pacific Northwest’s preeminent Halachic authority.

To purchase or inquire about purchasing a plot or to schedule a visit to the cemetery please call: 406-577-2078

Neshama Gardens Policies and Procedures

Montana Chevra Kadisha Society

The Montana Chevra Kadisha maintains the highest level of respect and dignity (Kavod Hameis), caring for our people at the time of death. We are available to assist families, with sensitivity and expertise, with any questions regarding an imminent or recent passing of a loved one.

Before making funeral arrangements, it is helpful to understand the basic Jewish principles and practices concerning death and mourning. We are a volunteer-based organization offering a Jewish burial experience, regardless of affiliation or level of observance.


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