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Taste of Yeshiva - Yom Limmud

Taste of Yeshiva - Yom Limmud
Chabad Lubavitch of Montana cordially invites you to attend the second “ A Taste of Yeshiva – Yom Limmud” a day of Jewish learning @ The Shul of Bozeman.

Guest Speakers:

Mrs. Rivkie Block of San Antonio, Texas

Rabbi Menachem Feldman of Greenwich, Connecticut

Rabbi Amram Phelps of Bozeman

Lecture Topics:

Technology Vs. Shabbat - the use of electricity on the day of rest

Talmudic Trends - Explore the life & philosophy of some of the greatest Talmudic Sages and how it shaped their consistent worldview.

Torah and the Castle Doctrine: Montana law allows the use of deadly force to “prevent or terminate the other person’s unlawful entry” to a home. Does the Torah agree?

What's for dinner Mr. Mashiach? An in depth look at the menu at Mashiach's feast

Woman of Valor - An in depth look at Aishet Chayil

10:30 AM – 4:00 PM @ The Shul.

Kosher Lunch Included.
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Taste of Yeshiva - Yom Limmud   Jun 9, 2013
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