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My Letter to G-d!

Friday, 26 May, 2017 - 8:41 am

Dearest Creator,

I am putting pen to paper to express to You my deep sense of gratitude. I know You hear me praying three times each day, I know You see me studying Torah with anyone who wants to learn its depth, I know You care for my family and community, but today I want to give You a public shout out to thank You for sharing Your Torah.

Since I can remember, Your Torah, its verses, stories, commandments, commentary and life lessons have been a part of my life. My parents imbued me with a love for its richness and I try to do the same with my four children. My Rebbe of blessed memory showed me, almost every time we saw each other, how it’s the “Beste Sechora”, the most precious of life’s commodities. My Zayde would sip tea and share with me his experience of studying it while in Warsaw, Postov, Kobe and Shanghai, during the horrific era of World War Two.

Yet, despite my connection to it, I guess I didn’t really appreciate it.

Over the past few years, as I watch a world in turmoil both physically and spiritually, while I counsel so many souls seeking nurturing and tradition, as I raise my children in a world that seeks to take away their innocence at every opportunity, I have come to deeply cherish Your gifted Torah. No, I don’t always understand everything You command, I don’t always appreciate the nuances of every law and custom, I don’t always come through for You exactly as You request of me, but I have garnered such a deep admiration for the Torah.

Almighty G-d! I am thankful, for as most of humanity is seeking, we have answers. While the world is at times darkened, we always have a bright light. When plagued with uncertainty, we can have clarity; we just need to open the instruction manual You gave us. You didn’t have to, there are times, I suppose, you wonder why You did, but I assure You Master of the Universe, Your people are learning it more and more and connecting with its message in ways that would make Your servant Moses proud. We aren’t perfect and we don’t always see the eternal light, but we never lose hope, because we have You in our lives, You as embedded in Your holy scripture.

This may sound fluffy and unrealistic, but I tell You from the depth of my heart, I wouldn’t be where I am today, I wouldn’t be the person I am, without Your Torah’s guidance, wisdom and G-dliness. I thank You for the gift that keeps on giving and for the moment of Sinai that still reverberates the world over, including in our home state of Montana.

3,329 years ago, You descended onto a mountain in the desert to present us with 613 Mitzvos, we accepted, we rejoiced and are still hanging on to it and will be for all eternity.

When You, dear L-rd, peek over the Bridger’s this Wednesday and see Jews gathered at The Shul of Bozeman to hear the Ten Commandments and celebrate with Sushi and Cheesecake, You will smile, because You will be reminded of why You chose us, the unbreakable Jewish souls, to be Your light onto the nations.

Happy Shavuot,

Your Montanan salesman,


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