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When G-d smiled!

Friday, 26 June, 2020 - 8:56 am

Many waters would not be able to quench the love, and rivers would not drown it.

King Solomon's words rang true, as a beautiful Minyan came together yesterday, outdoors, to commemorate the Rebbe’s 26th Yahrtzait and when we reached the Amidah it started raining. The unexpected rain didn’t faze us, and I realized that it was the heavens opening up to us with tears of joy. Yes, we mourned throughout the day and followed the memorializing customs of lighting candles, saying mourners Kaddish and learning Mishnayot in memory of our beloved Rebbe, but these heavenly tears weren’t bitter ones, they didn’t reflect a person who is gone and missed. I believe, Hashem was recognizing a Rebbe who continues to live on in the lives of so many, including in breathtaking Bozeman, and he shed a tear with a Shmeichel, a smile, for all the love the Rebbe gifted Jewry.

You see, being a lover of Jews isn’t easy. In this week’s Torah portion, Korach, we read about Moses and Aaron’s struggle with a group of Jewish rebels who questioned the leadership structure instituted by G-d. Yet, despite their unwarranted, and horrific, behavior towards their Levite cousins, Moses worked overtime to bring them back into the fold. Moses didn’t allow his ego and public disgrace to push for his opponents demise; quite the contrary, he tried knocking sense into them, even after their fate was sealed by G-d, hoping their Teshuva, their return to religious sanity, would change G-d’s mind.

The Rebbe had his fair share of Korach’s who questioned, and even opposed, his bold leadership and undeniable love for humanity. Occasionally, they even riled up segments of the Jewish community in support of their dissent. Yet, the Rebbe never saw them as opponents and never stopped loving and caring for their wellbeing. Though today it’s clear that Rebbe’s vision of dignified respect for every living creature, non-judgmentally, is the correct path, not always did the Korach’s get it in real-time, but the Rebbe persisted and love won the day. As the rain dripped on my Talis and I read Korach’s story from the holy scroll, I looked behind me and saw magnificent souls wrapped in their Talis and Tefillin and I knew that Moses, and the Moses of our time, always triumphs.

L’Chaim dear Rebbe!

May G-d guard our brethren in Israel and the world over from harm and send us Mashiach speedily. May G-d protect the armed forces of Israel and the United States wherever they may be. Shabbat Shalom! Chazak!!! L'Chaim!!! 

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