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Longfellow & Moses!

Friday, 4 February, 2022 - 3:50 pm

Yesterday, Chavie and I spent an hour meeting with Longfellow Elementary School principal Ms. Conwell and special education teacher Ms. Anderson. The team at Longfellow has always been amazing with our kids; loving, devoted, understanding, supportive, just out of this world. I feel like our society lumps everyone into “systems”, but in truth, while no system is perfect, and the school system in some cities leave a lot to be desired, here in our beautiful Bozeman, our school staff are exceptional human beings. Starting with Chaya in 2015, they always treat our children with sensitivity and are deeply understanding of the heart of each child.

In this week’s Torah portion, Terumah, we read about the Mishkan, the holy Tabernacle built for G-d in the Sinai desert. When constructing the Menorah, Moses struggled, and G-d said to him “just throw the gold into the fire and I will form it”. I once read that one of the reasons Moses may have had trouble with the Menorah, is because it was crafted from one piece of gold and yet divided into seven lamps. It seemed to simultaneously express uniformity and individuality. The seven branches seemed devoted to a common goal of illumination, yet each emphasized their own G-dly path to reach that goal. It’s hard for human beings to appreciate the Menorah and it’s complexities, but adding G-d’s special touch into the mix makes it possible to glow. 

Education is tough. Too many teachers don’t get a wage that matches the cost of living in Bozeman, they give heart and soul with very little fanfare, Longfellow’s building is pretty old and not that big, but they come in each day with smiles, love and a sincere belief in our children’s future, and give them each what they need so their individuality can bloom. Today, I am taking a moment to thank Ms. Watson, Ms. Perry (both of them), Ms. Garton, Ms. Bunkers, Ms. McGeehan, Mr. Edelen, Ms. Shafer, Ms. Ritter, and everyone else at Longfellow who have done wonders for our beloved children. You don’t hear this enough from me:  thank you for making each candle of our Menorah shine!

Thank a teacher; they are a G-dsent!  

May G-d guard our brethren in Israel and the world over from harm and send us Mashiach speedily. May G-d protect the armed forces of Israel and the United States wherever they may be. Shabbat Shalom! Chazak!!! L'Chaim!!!

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