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We're not macho!

Friday, 13 November, 2020 - 8:37 am

Earlier this week, I was a guest speaker for two Jewish communities, one in the Berkshires and the other in Northern New Jersey. Though the meetings were on Zoom, it’s always nice to meet Jews of all flavors and Farbreng together for an hour or so. I was so grateful to receive a call Thursday morning from a fellow, living in rural Massachusetts, who was on the Zoom talk and took the time to call me and tell me how much he enjoyed hearing our story. He asked to be added to this email list and hoped to meet our family in person post Covid.

It meant a lot to me.


Words are powerful and a kind word goes a long way. At times, we convince ourselves that we’re macho and don’t need compliments or appreciation, but I’ve personally learned to be thankful for those personal “thank you” calls and understand how effective they are and how good they make us feel. More than ever before, I am trying to take time to thank anyone who is kind to our family, our Shul and to those I love as I believe our world needs a lot of positive vibes. In a world plagued by hurtful words, let’s be the change we hope for and start using our verbal power to change hearts with kindness.

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