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The Vaad Hakashrus of Montana, is a community service organization whose mission is the maintenance of a high level of Kosher quality supervision. The word "Vaad" in Hebrew means association. It is composed of Rabbinic and lay leaders providing kosher certification, supervision, and inspection for caterers, wholesale and retail food vendors, and food production companies in Big Sky Country.

The Vaad was founded in 2010 by Chabad Lubavitch of Montana who saw the need for proper kosher supervision in Montana. Currently the Vaad supervises Kosher production and events throughout the State and also subcontracts with other international kosher agencies (Star-K, OK, Kehila Kosher, etc.) to supervise much of the kosher food production in Montana.

Because the Vaad is the only regional Kashrus agency it provides several benefits to local companies. 1) Cost is minimized, since everything is done locally. 2) Communication is easy. 3) Familiarity with the territory is assured, in terms of geography, culture and economics.

The Vaad is listed among major kosher information bureaus on the Web.

Currently under our supervision is:

Wheat Montana (Non Bakery Items)

Tipus Chai

  Country Pasta

Black Boar Truffle

Wayfare Foods

Stricks Ag

 Hinrichs Trading Compan y

 Natural Health Brokers

Columbia Grain


Pardue Grain    

For more information about going Kosher, call 406-585-8770 or email [email protected]